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     Michelle Zenor is from Mesquite, Texas.  Her earliest memories include loading a little red wagon with library books at the Mesquite Public Library.  She attended SMU where she earned undergraduate degrees in Business, English, and Psychology, and a graduate degree in Liberal Arts.  She continued her education by earning a Master’s in Library Science from Texas Woman’s University and a Master’s in English from The University of Texas at Tyler.  She was on the faculty at Lon Morris College for seventeen years serving as a librarian and an English instructor. She is currently working on her accounting certification at Trinity Valley. 


     Michelle believes that the public library, in general, is one of the greatest institutions of American society and that the Henderson County Library, in particular, is an essential public good working to improve the lives of the citizens of Henderson County.  Michelle has enjoyed sharing this conviction with community members and listening to their ideas for making the library the best it can be.  When she is not writing grants and reports, meeting with board members and elected officials, requesting interlibrary loans, ordering books, and brainstorming with her amazing library staff, she likes working at the circulation desk and getting to know all of the friendly patrons at the library.

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